Saturday, October 10, 2009

German Sausage Soup

In September, when my husband and I arrived in Hannover, Germany, in the home of Hans and Bea, we were exhausted from many hours of travel.

It was early evening and Hans had prepared a wonderful German Sausage Soup for us. It was delicious and just what we needed. With it, he served great those great dark rich, thinly-sliced German breads and sliced cheeses. Perfect for the weary travelers!

I sometimes serve a soup to guests when they arrive. I think of it as homey, welcoming and comforting. Regardless of how far someone has traveled, a soup can sooth the body and soul!

In the next blog, I will give you my version of Hans soup. I know that a good sausage is essential. Hans told me the main ingredients and even took me to an open-air market to show me the kind of cabbage he used. (His electronic dictionary didn't help with the translation here!)

We literally "ate our way" through Germany - 12 days- and then through Croatia for another 6 days. Thankfully we walked a lot! Every time we went to the 6th floor of our apartment in Berlin, we passed by the elevator and took the stairs - 116 steps in all!! In Dubrovnik, we walked around the old town using the ancient wall. There's another 300 steps! That deserves some more good food - right? That was our philosophy.

Till next week -