Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Irish Food - WOW - You gotta try it!

The Ireland trip was great. Nine days was not enough....we did lots of cool stuff, saw beautiful scenery, were immersed with Irish music and history, drove on the wrong side of the road (!), met terrific people, and had enjoyable meals - often with Guinness!

Speaking of food....I was in a grocery store in Clifton (on the west coast of Ireland) and picked up some recipe handouts as I love to do. Guess what - the creator of the recipes was none other than my cooking instructor in Orlando - Chef Kevin Dundon! He gets around!

Foodie highlights -Cork: Touring the English Market and the Butter Museum; Clifton: Sampling smoked fish at the Connemara Smokehouse and making and sampling Poteen Cake at Dan O'Hara's Homestead; everywhere: enjoying fabulous soups, fish and chips, mushy peas, cottage pie, cheeses, Irish butter, smoked salmon, wonderful scones, and even banoffee!

Pictured above is the typical Irish breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon (more like ham), sausages, black pudding and white pudding. Garnish with a baked tomato - serve with yummy breads and, of course, Irish butter!