Monday, September 5, 2011

Singapore and More

Any hopes I had of writing weekly this year have been dashed!  Since last writing, I've been traveling in several additional foreign countries - France, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia!  As you can imagine I've eaten my way through each country - experiencing everything from the finest scallop terrine in France to fabulous Indian dishes and Hainenese chicken rice in Singapore to fish curry soups in Malaysia to roti prata with curry in Indonesia.  Yum, yum, yum!

In Singapore I had the wonderful experience of not "just" visiting markets - I was able to purchase groceries and then go to Wendy's condo to experiment!  Yes....Wendy and family live in Singapore now!
Our favorite was fresh lotus root that I cooked and used in salads - splendid!  But a close second was the weird looking tuber that I cooked, following the directions of a local Chinese lady, that tasted like artichoke hearts!  What a wonderful surprise.....although it was a strange lavender color!  I cooked other vegetables that the local Chinese ladies put in my basket at the wet market - as they explained that these were seasonal and I needed to buy them now!!!  What fun!!!

The above picture was taken at a restaurant in Bintan, an island of Indonesia.  Yes, it's a regular pancake, but it is served with a vanilla sauce - a simple cream anglaise.  What a simple idea for a yummy change!  Try it at your next brunch.  Neat idea for a sauce on a fruit-filled crepe, too!

The next post will be a food you WON'T be trying at home - roti prata with curry!  You'll want to go to Bintan to try it!

Enjoy the saucy vanilla cream anglaise idea!


  1. Sound like you've had a great fun in Singapore. I've heard a lot of nice stories from friends. Gotta have some of that saucy vanilla cream anglaise idea of yours. :D software development

  2. What a great time you had. That pancake looks delicious.

    Glad to know that you are having fun traveling.