Thursday, February 17, 2011

Breakfast with the Oaxacans

A Best Breakfast Oaxaca!!

Oaxaca has wonderful breakfast restaurants with tasty native foods - from sauteed squash blossoms to guacamole. These eateries are safe bets, you can order from an English menu, and you may even get what you thought you ordered! (Now, that's another story!)
I like to follow the locals to see where they eat! And, they do like to eat interesting breakfasts - try tacos topped with crumbly cheese and fried grasshoppers!! I have pics of that....although I found some other choices, too!

I found our best breakfast in Oaxaca by following locals (and my nose) through a sliver of an opening off a side street! Boy - was I excited by the foods I saw! I trooped back to the villa, rallied my travel mates and we were off to breakfast. To be honest, they were straggling along, not so sure of my "hole in the wall" choice!

The place was filling with one spoke English and despite the fact that I speak no Spanish, I became the designated order placer!!

Easy....I ordered by pointing to foods that were on the plates of the other patrons. Then, I watched as our order was filled. In the adjacent courtyard, masa from a huge pan of dough was pressed into tortillas, then cooked on a wood-fired comal. When the tortillas were done, they were passed through a window into the kitchen of the restaurant! Talk about fresh!!!

Next I added toppings from the choices as shown in the photo. Paula had a black bean filling, Steve had a squash dish with red mole' and I had green beans with egg. Like - great! I could eat breakfast there every day!

A few simple, fresh ingredients, well- prepared, cooked with the perfect herbs, spices and love.....little fat, no sugar nor preservatives.....just "real" food! Yum.

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  1. You are a braver soul than I. However, I imagine that the sights and the aromas would win me over. And with you as a guide and "interpreter", how could anyone go wrong. Glad you all had such a great time.