Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oaxaca, Mexico - yummmmmmm!!!

Hello again -
Wow - It's been 3 months since my trip to Oaxaca and I can still "feel" the trip! As in, a good way!

If you are thinking of going south, love food, want to meet great people with a proud heritage, appreciate fine crafts, easy access to loads of cultural events, and nonstop fun ...get your ticket to Oaxaca. authentic as it gets, was available from our first step in the city. Can you imagine me....the consummate food safety/cleanliness advocate....eating street food within an hour of our landing? Yes, I was eating tamales taken from a bucket on the street of Oaxaca at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night - oh, well, seize the moment!

The photo shows the remnants of our late night snack! It became our breakfast the next morning....along with some wonderful bakery items!

The streetside vendor had four kinds of tamales in his bucket and, of course, I asked for one of each! Masa and herbs, masa with chicken and mole', one with beans, one with masa and red pepper....all terrific!

At Seasons of the Heart cooking school we would learn more about the seven moles' of Oaxaca - from nearly black in color to red to yellow to green. Each made with different ingredients - the two darker ones flavored with the addition of Mexican chocolate - all with different chilies, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and spices!

I've made two mole' sauces (mole' meaning ground concoction) in my own kitchen - they met with rave reviews!

If you want a wonderful cookbook loaded with authentic recipes and great stories of the people and customs of Oaxaca, get a copy of Seasons of my Heart by Susana Trilling. I'm not letting my copy out of my sight! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I just had lunch but my mouth is watering. Anything with chocolate in it has got to be good.

    Take care and safe travels.